March Podcast

A background to Bill Spectre’s Ghost Trails as written by Bill for OX magazine. Press play to listen to the podcast! Whether you believe in ghosts or not, how many of us can resist the allure of a ghost story? We’re all fascinated by the possibility of there being ‘something’ on the other side. […]

The birth of Spiritualism

The birth of Spiritualism Press play to listen to the podcast! Is it possible to actually contact the dead and communicate with them? It’s not surprising that this question has intrigued man since the dawn of time. How many of us have wondered if there is a life beyond the grave, and if so, […]


Witches! Press play to listen to the podcast! Throughout history witches, from the old English wicca for the masculine and wicce feminine, have been revered and feared. Wise women who were able to heal and accordingly appeared to have knowledge beyond the understanding of others were sometimes considered a threat as they were ‘different’ […]